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What should I expect after spaying?

My 7 month old pug was spayed yesterday. Today she is very tired and has had little to eat or drink. She has urinated but has not had any bowel movements since last night. Is this normal?

Asked by Winnie Cooper on Oct 1st 2008 Tagged spay, spaying, puppy, bowel in Health & Wellness
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This is very normal. Your dog was fasted prior to surgery, therefore may not have a BM for up to 36 hours. The lack of appetite is normal for the first 2-3 days post surgery (your dog should be eating something though, but probably much less than usual).

A spay is a very big surgery! It's more than just a simple hysterectomy (as many people like to equate it to), as the ovaries are removed as well! Therefore, it is normal for your pup to be somewhat listless with a lack of appetite. Typically, in dogs, you should see her energy level and appetite pick up within 3 days, and return to normal within 5 days. If, however, your dog is not eating AT ALL, and/or normal activity has not resumed 5 days post-spay, contact your vet. You should also be keeping a very close watch on her surgery site to make sure there are no signs of infection or skin separation.

When in doubt, the vet that performed the surgery is your best contact for any concerns that may arise!

answered on Oct 1st.

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This is very normal, yes. Since your dog hasn't eaten since before surgery, there is not food in her system to pass through. It is very normal for her to be lethargic, and sleepy. It is actually good that she isn't eating a lot - you don't want them to eat a normal meal until about 10 hours after surgery because of reactions that could happen due to the anesthesia. Make sure she is drinking because she needs to stay hydrated. Tomorrow she will probably be back to her normal self.

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