What should I do if the mother starts abandoning her puppies?

My neighbor's dog is starting to abandon her puppies. We have to force her to stay with them and keep them warm/feed them. I know it's not because she cant produce enough milk (she has plenty), and the vet checked her and said there's nothing physically wrong with her. Is it common for a dog to abandon her puppies? And how do we keep her from doing so? Or do we have to supplement care? Will supplementing care cause her to be lazier or completely abandon them? She wasn't this way with her first litter (she would only leave if the dad took over keeping them warm). What do we do if she completely abandons them? Would it be harmful to keep them around her, or would it be more harmful to completely separate them?

As a reference, the puppies are only a week and a half old. We have a heating pad, but they tend to end up off of it when trying to locate their mom.

Asked by Keaira on May 3rd 2008 Tagged newbornpuppies, mother, abandon in Other Health & Wellness
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Unfortunately whena dog abandons her puppies there are not many things you can do to make her stay with them.Even if she stays she won't take proper care of them.The only solution I se, is to take care of the puppies as if they were orphans,which means feeding every two hours, putting a wet cloth on their buttie after feeding them so they will pee, keeping them warm with one of those lights they sell for bunnies and chickens-or with the heating pad, and making sure they are clean .Also you can ask your vet if he knows any other female dogs who have delivered puppies a few days ago andthey can take your puppies for a while so they can feed them .

answered on May 3rd.

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You will have to hand-raise the puppies. Yes, unfortunately for first-time mother dogs (and sometimes experienced ones) it is very common for them to abandon their pups.
This link is helpful:

I hope that you didn't breed her on purpose. My page explains why. Please get her spayed after the puppies are given away, which should be AFTER the age of 8 weeks.

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You may want to remove the heating pad until you are sure of what is makeing the mom stay away from her pups.It may be to hot in there for her and to have the body heat of the pups as well.
If she is still producing milk then she should stay in there long enough to feed them and then she can leave.Make sure the pups are going potty also.If mom is nopt taking care of that then you will need to use a warm-wet paper towel or wash cloth to stimulate them to go.If you have more questions please feel free to paw mail me and I will help as much as I can online.

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