What should I do if my dog doesn't want to walk?

My dog is a 1.5 year old neutered English bulldog. I adopted him in September. I'm trying to follow Cesar Millan's dog training advice. He says all dogs need to be walked at least twice a day for 30 minutes each time. I would like to be able to walk my dog at least around the block so he can do his business. But as soon as I leave the apartment with my dog, he stops. Then he'll walk for a few feet and stop again. This continues throughout the walk. He's healthy, he doesn't seem fearful, and he's not stopping to smell anything. He just stops! I'm using a Gentle Leader harness. I've tried using treats, the "come" command, and gently pulling on the leash, but he just digs in his heels more. Sometimes I drop the leash and continue walking, and he will follow behind me but he doesn't seem happy about it. So I would really appreciate some advice.

Asked by Member 761314 on Oct 30th 2008 Tagged walking, training, behavior, bulldog in Behavior & Training
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Have you tried inviting one of your friends and their dogs for a walk with you? Maybe he just needs a little more motivation. Some dogs need the presence of another dog to enjoy the walk at first before they can realize how great it is. You might try that. If you are unable to get a friend to go with you, try turning in the other direction. Re-directing his direction will change the focus of his brain. If you change direction, he will too, and will now be in a following state of mind. If he tries to stop again, turn the other way. Reward him for following you. The gentle leader harness is a good tool, but only if your dog is willing to walk. Try putting a leash around his neck. He may not actually be taking you seriously. One of my father's show Golden's would actually run and hide when he saw my dad put on his running shoes. But the more he practiced with him, the dog would be trying to get outside before him. Putting the leash around his neck will give you more control, as that part of his body is going to be more sensitive. I am not saying 'force' him to walk with you, but let him know that you are serious about wanting him to go forward. Please message me if you have more questions - my word count is limited here.

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If you can get him to follow you without the leash and hes not going to run off or get into a dangerous situation then I say run with it. If he is unhappy with it, you stopping tells him he is in charge. When he is following you he is showing that you are the leader. Try starting without holding the leash and see if he catches up and slowly pick the leash up. Or when he catches up give a pat and/or a treat. Good luck

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