what is the red bump in my dogs ear?

his bump is in his ear and is hott and is sensative.

Asked by Member 972823 on Mar 11th 2010 in Illness & Disease
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If it's hot an sensitive, it could be any number of things like a bug bite, a tick or even a foxtail that has gotten in there, embedded under the skin.

It could also be a pimple or boil that has abscessed. It's hard to tell without seeing it or having more details.

Did it just appear? How large is it? Was it there before and it changed recently? Has he ever had anything like this before?

I would take him to the vet to get a true diagnosis on what is going on with him. First, because it's likely pretty uncomfortable to him. And second because there is a cause of red ear bumps (though usually not hot or sensitive, but possible) that can be serious. It is called a Cutaneous Histiocytoma and it would need to be evaluated by your vet. It happens mostly in younger dogs. They tend to come back again and again if not removed and a lot of them are cancerous. The good news is that the cancerous ones don't usually spread and are easy to spot, so do take him in to the vet.

Good luck!

Jack answered on 3/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


could be a hotspot.
take him to the vet to be sure

Dieta answered on 3/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My pup had something similar and it was due to him having yeast build up in his ears. It was causing redness and he was very itchy. He also had a few red bumps. It may not even be the same as what your dog really has, but if you go to the vet you could ask about it. They gave me drops to put in his ear for 10 days for it.

Member 905270 answered on 3/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I noticed a red bump inside the ear of my 1 year old german shepherd. I thought it was just a bite, but now 6 weeks later it's still there. I just got back from the vet, and it's a benign tumor called cutaneous histiocytoma.This is a benign skin growth, usually in the front of the body. It originates from a Langerhans cell, which are cells that live in the skin as serve as a part of the immune system. There's really no cause, and no way to prevent it. It's common in young dogs, and can go away on it's own, or you can get a steriod ointment from the vet. I just got to ointment, which was $25 bucks, and he said to give it 2-3 weeks, otherwise they can do a simply surgically remove it. So relieved it was nothing more, whew! Let me see if I can post a pic of it.

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