what is the most kid friendly dog breed

Asked by Member 808115 on Feb 24th 2009 in Breeds
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Whether or not a dog is friendly around children depends greatly on two things:

1.) The individual child
2.) The individual dog

Generally, dogs that are well socialized around children are great with children who know how to behave around dogs. There probably isn't one breed that is the "most kid friendly."

Which breed is the best bet for a child depends largely on the child's personality, as well as the whole family's lifestyle and schedule. But some breeds that are well-known for being good with children:

- Boxer
- Newfoundland
- Golden Retriever
- Labrador Retriever
- Standard Poodle
- German Shepherd Dog
- Collie
- Staffordshire Bull Terrier
- Beagle
- Bichon Frise
- Pug
- Mutts or mixed breeds

Please note that the dog's owner must be sure to properly socialize and train their dog to be good with children; a poorly trained, poorly socialized dog of any breed can cause trouble.

Zack answered on 2/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


It depends on a lot of things. Vizslas are super friendly but can be too rowdy for some kids (they knock them over when playing) but great for slightly older, active kids.

I love basset hounds, too. They have such gentle temperments Iike vizslas but with less physical power, and they are super cuddly.

If you want to be sure, it is best to choose a gentle breed and then get either a young puppy (so you can make sure it is socialized to kids) or a rescue with a KNOWN background that has been proven to be good with children. Looking at breed-specific rescue organizations can be good because they often have information about previous owners. I would NOT get a rescue with an unknown background.

Member 602642 answered on 2/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


There is no right or wrong answer here. ANY breed of dog, whether it's a Pit Bull or a Pug, can be good with children. The owner of the dog must know how to properly handle their dog, and the children must know how to do the same.

Leadership needs to be established right away. This will show the dog that you, as the owner, are the leader, and that what you say goes. Your children need to be involved in everything that goes on as well because it's important for the dog to see the kids as their leader, too, and not just an oversized toy, which often happens. Many people don't establish that role to begin with, and don't understand why their now adult dog is attacking them. All dogs can be kid friendly, as long as YOU make them that way. The children need to know how to respect the dog, and the dog, in turn, needs to know how to respect the children. Many people miss this step because they think that only they, as the adult, needs to be in control, but the child has to learn this as well.

Make sure that no matter what breed of dog you get, that you make your kids a major part of it. They need to be involved in the responsibilities too, not just the fun stuff. This will allow the dog to fully trust and respect them, and won't just associate the kids with playtime.

Sergeant answered on 2/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


First, let me say, that to assume every dog of a particular breed is of a single mind or behavior pattern is like saying all people of a particular race, sex, religion, or any other category are the same. There is individuality between animals of any breed or species.

Having said that, tho, the best standard I've found to pair with kids is, hands down, is the King Charles Cavelier Spaniel. Still, there is always that exception.

When you shop for your dog, check out each individual dog. Compare the energies of the kids to the energy of the dog. Talk to trainers, handlers, vets, etc who see more different breeds on a more frequent basis than owners do.

Good luck!

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The one breed that gets lots and lots of ink in regards to it being great with kids is the Golden Retriever. Lab is another one. German Shepherd and of course, the Saint Bernard. Google the question you asked here and see what comes up. Then do lots and lots of research in the breeds that you're interested in.
But, there are lots and lots and lots of wonderful mutts at shelters who are fantastic with kids, cats and dogs who would love to have a forever home, so maybe you can go to your local shelter and see what they have. Or if you've got your heart set on a specific breed, go online and see if there is a rescue group specific to the breed you're interested in. There's a rescue group for almost every breed out there. And a lot of the dogs are being given up because of forclosures and financial reasons, not because the dog has behavior issues. So check out all your options.

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It depends on the child + dog, But i think Golden Retrievers or Labs because of their love and patience.

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