what is the dosage of ivomec .27 for heartworm positive dog

she is a 12 year old siberian husky and i can't afford the vet treatment. have heard treating with ivomec .27 can work but am concerned about dosage and how often.

Asked by Member 795825 on Jan 23rd 2009 Tagged ivomec, heartworm, positive, dog, dosage, how, often in Heartworm Control
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Zackintosh CJ

If your dog has heartworms, you NEED to ask the vet, especially if its an older dog.
Maybe take her to a shelter and ask if they can do it cheaper, the dog can die if you don't do anything or if you do the wrong thing.
For some dogs, you can give the heartworm medicine (Heartgard) and it will slowly kill the worms, but there is still a risk of fatal side effects.
Best bet for the dog is to ask a vet.

Zackintosh CJ answered on 1/23/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


you have to be very careful with this, i dont know anything about the ivomec, but i did have a dog with heartworm, i know that there is only a certain window of time before it is untreatable, my sweet boy started to cough and by the time i took him to the vet he was almost beyond treatment, thankfully the heartworms hadnt effected his other organs, or his heart and lungs negatively. i paid five hundred dollars for the meds, the price goes by the weight of the dog, my dog weighed approximately 110 at the time. i know you said that you dont have the money, that is understandable, but maybe if you ask the vet, or check around to other vets in the area, you could make a payment plan with them for the treatments, they really do suffer with this sickness, so it is worth it to try, be very careful with self treatments, i have heard many terror stories of self treatments, what ever you decide, i wish you luck. hope all comes out well.

thor answered on 1/23/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer