What is the best way to house break a new puppy?

We have an almost 5 month old puppy and it seems we've tried everything to housebreak her but nothing is working. Nakota is a shih tzu/yorkie mix...sometimes known as a shorkie (she is not spayded yet, we had to get her her rabies vaccinations up to date first..she is scheduled to get spayded in the middle of September). We've been trying since the day we've got her (June 4th) to potty train her and nothing is working whatsoever. I have NEVER had this much trouble house breaking a pet. It usually never takes me this long, I don't know what's going on!

Asked by Nakota on Aug 22nd 2010 Tagged training, goingtothebathroom, outside, housebroken in House Soiling
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Some pups are harder to train than others here are a few tips 1)Try to be consistent with your routine with your dog. Dogs are like kids and do best when have an established routine dogs need to eliminate 1/2 hour after eating and a schedule can make it easier to guess when a dog needs to eliminate 2)Reward good behavior take the dog to the place where you want him to eliminate when he most likely needs to go such as after waking up before going to bed, after playing, after eating, etc. then ask "Do you want to go potty" and keep saying it when appropriate area when he goes praise lavishly 3)Never punish if caught in the act say eh-eh go outside never hit or yell at him clean up the mess and try to supervise him more carefully 4)Make accidents difficult supervise constantly such as leashing him to your belt, or putting up gates or in crate if trained letting him run free is asking for disaster dogs do not like to eliminate where they sleep gradually let him earn his freedom Good Luck!!

Harley answered on Aug 22nd.

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Wow. Sounds like your having some troubles. Your right. None of our dogs took three months to train. When she goes potty you tell her no, and tap her behind and make her go outside? Have you put her nose in the potty as well? Thats what we do, and it seems to work. Only takes us about two-three weeks. Also do you let her sleep with you at night? Or a kennel/crate? At night we put the dogs in a crate, and if they go potty in the crate then it means that the crate is too big. Move the crate down a size. Until your pup knows now to go potty in the house, you have to be firm with her. Don't give her treats until she goes potty outside. When she does go potty outside praise her and tell her good. Then give her a treat. You can paw mail me as well. Good Luck

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NO NO NO, NEVER rub a pups nose in it or tap their behind. First of all when the pup has already GONE in the house why the heck would you put it outside after. The pup has already done their business, they will not need to go again and will not understand what they did wrong.
You need to watch your pup constantly. You need to catch them before they go or in mid-squat NOT after the deed is done. Take your pup out often, after napping, eating or playtime. Prasie like crazy when your pup goes outside. When your pup is inside never let pup out of your sight. When she starts to sniff around or do poop circles, immediately take her outside. If she goes into a squat, a quick AH, this will stop her from going and take outside, wait for her to finish. If she does go in the house, this would be your fault for not watching her, simply clean it up and keep a closer eye on her. Some people even keep a leash on the pup to keep a better watch over them.
Good luck.

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I agree with dedgie about not rubbing their noses in their waste. That's a negative reinforcement. You want to give your puppy a positive reinforcement. With Jazzy when i see him circling and sniffing the ground i immediately pick him up and take him outside. And if he's doing his squat thing i say AHHH loudly and that distracts him, pick him up take him outside if he potties outside i then praise him for it. Also there are housebreaking sprays that are sold at petco and petsmart. Spray the area outside where you would like your puppy to potty. I would spray about 15 minutes before taking her out there. It does have pheremones in it so it's gonna stink. After spraying it and waiting 15 minutes go out there and place your puppy where you sprayed. She will soon get the idea that she's suppose to potty outside. Also when i firat brought jazzy home i took him out every hour on the hour. Good luck!

Jazzy answered on 8/22/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


There has been some really good advice. I agree with Deogie; do NOT spank or punish. All this does is teach the dog to sneak off and do his business where he won't get caught. The crate training and using the leash are excellent suggestions. Hang in there-she WILL catch on. Small dogs often take longer to train than larger dogs. There are exceptions, but yorkies and shih tzus can be very difficult to housebreak. Our yorkie was 6 mos. before she got the hang of it, and she is very intelligent. Our pug was even longer. The brittany trained almost immediately. He only had one accident in the house and after a week was telling us he had to go outside. All dogs learn differently, but as a rule, small breeds will take longer to housebreak.

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Deogie and Daisy gave good advice. Unlike the labs I used to have, I find my small dogs consider going into the next room far enough away from their play area to do their business. It is critically important to prevent them from wandering off to another room!!! Use baby gates to keep them confined in the room you are in and NEVER leave them alone, not even long enough for you to run to the kitchen and get a snack!!! When I am housebreaking a small dog I carry it with me if I have to leave the room for any reason OR I put the pup in it's crate. Although I want my dogs to sleep with me in my bed, they are crated at night until I am sure they are housebroken! Again, climbing off the bed and going to the far corner of the bedroom is, in their mind, far enough away from "their" bed.
Finally, make super sure you have totally deodorized the spot where they went with some sort of enzymatic cleaner such as Nature's Miracle. If they can smell it, they will still go in that spot if they

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Here is a site to look over.
I know it is hard. I have had some hard ones to train.
I usually stick with the basic rules. Constant potty breaks, out at least every hour, after eating or drinking, patience,love, crate used properly in other words if your eyes aren't on them every second, then I use the crate while I wash dishes,ect.
Praise, use that with any thing she does outside.
If you work a dog walker is best 3x a day at least for the first year.
Spanking, rubbing a nose in poop is not acceptable. You would be punishing your dog after the deed is done.
Also if you use a crate read up on them and how to use them correctly. Knowledge is power. Keep trying. I know it just hasn't clicked for her yet.
Could there be a infection UTI? Being in heat or coming into heat also increases the urgency.

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