what is the best food to feed a three year old american staffordshire terrier

Asked by Member 798368 on Jan 29th 2009 Tagged food in Food & Nutrition
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When it comes to kibble, I personally feed my dogs Solid Gold. I have had wonderful success with it with both my Dobermans and my Chihuahuas. It's a high quality dog food, and while it is more expensive than non-quality brands, your dog will end up eating less because it doesn't have all of the fillers that the other dog foods have, so it can end up costing about the same. Others may recommend Orijen, Wellness, Innova, Canidae, just to name a few. These are all quality foods, and are pretty comparable. Visit the food forum on the website here as well - it too has wonderful information. Am Staff's need protein and lots of nutrients as they are very muscular and fairly high energy dogs. Feeding a quality food will ultimately give your dog everything that he/she needs.

Also visit the raw food forum as well - the raw diet is actually the most perfect thing that you can feed your dogs, as you control what he/she eats. Make sure that if you do decide to go this route that you do A LOT of research on it so you know EXACTLY what to put into your dog's mouth. They can't have some things, and others they really do need.

Best of luck!

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