what is the best dog toothpaste?

I give her chews and rope floss, but I prefer to brush her teeth daily to keep her tartar-free. Any ideas what ingredients to look for and what to avoid in a dog toothpaste?

Asked by Member 267619 on Sep 28th 2007 in Other Pet Products
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Best is hard to say, because I'd have to know what ingredients do what in order to feel great about what I'm recommending. That's why when I found that or OraGel, seemed to be working wonders I was hesitant because although they note it's a lot of natural products it didn't have ingredients printed on the bottle.

The safest bet is to use the C.E.T. brand of toothpaste that only vets can carry: We use the Tartar control one and brush daily. My dog still experiences "morning breath", but there's no visible tartar. It's beef flavor so you can't get the freshness smell or the flouride brightness that human toothpaste provides, but it does help against Periodontal Disease.

Oreo answered on Oct 1st.

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