What is the best dog food in the Philippines?

I am going to get a 2 month old shih tzu this march and I'm trying to find a good dog food available here in the Philippines. I have read many questions here in dogster and I found out that innova and orijen are good but I think they are not available here yet. Please help. :)

Asked by Member 808048 on Mar 1st 2009 Tagged food, philippines, best in Food & Nutrition
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I have never been to the phillipines, but I agree that those are great foods. Keep an eye out!

Would you ever consider feeding raw food? It can be cheaper than kibble if you buy in bulk and it's really healthy, plus meat is available almost everywhere. My parents' toy poodle is a small dog too, and he has no problem with a raw diet including RMBs (raw meaty bones). It keeps their teeth nice and shiny!

That's just something to consider if you do not get many of the good quality kibble brands in your area.

answered on Mar 2nd.

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