What is the best age to training advance protection and guard training ?

My GSD puppy aged 8 month old. He's obedient boy. But I want to admit him at training school for guard training and advance level protection. Is this correct age ?

Asked by Dob on Jul 8th 2012 Tagged guardtraining, gsd in Agility & Sports
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Send the dog for the guard and advance level protection training when he is 15-18 months old. That is the correct age.

answered on Jul 9th.

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You have asked this question since the dog was 8 weeks old. Have you done any of the things we have suggested? If you have, then you should have a well trained dog on the brink of adolescence. If you have ignored us..which I highly have an untrained dog on the edge of butthead stage.
The tone of all your questions leads me to believe you only want a PPD, not a companion. We have a great love of dogs doing what they were bred for...under the tutelage of a loving owner. Please do tons more research. Talk to your local schutz club. Provide us with a link to the school you are considering. We can help you decide if it is legit. What age does the school accept dogs? Is it a board and train? Or are you involved in the training process? You should be involved, not just sending the dog away & expecting a finished, flawless machine when Dob returns.
I wish Dob luck..and you as well.

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