Maizy Grace

What is my 14 wk old doxie???

The breeder said our new doxie was a mini. On closer questioning a few days later, breeder says our new babies grandmother (Maternal) was standard sz. Our babies dad was a mini, her mothers dad was a mini. Is she a mini or not? At 14 weeks she weighs 7.1 lbs. Does she have more chance of any health problems being Standard szMini sz mix? Our vet seemed to imply she would be larger than a mini, forgot to ask about healthskeletal problems.

Asked by Maizy Grace on Jan 15th 2013 Tagged minidaschund, parents, size, specialproblems in Dachshund
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Wiggles BN

I would say that your doxie is going to be larger than a mini....She is already the size of my mini female who is 7 lbs and my male minis are 10 lbs!!

Minis are under 11 lbs when full grown
Standards are 16-32 lbs when grown
Tweenies are the dogs from 12-15 lbs (or the ones between the minis and standards)

Tweenies are not officially recognized but many doxies fall into this category (yours probably will be a tweenie or standard)

AS for the health of your pup, i have not heard of any doxies who are mini/standard mixes having any special health issues.

The sizes just help to determine the proper weight of the dog, it really does not affect their skeletal structure.

Wiggles BN answered on 1/17/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer