What is "Canine Coaches"?

Veterans are receiving their service dogs from CC. I am a veteran, my PSD has been in training for 1 yr now. He has been through OB1 and OB2 and CGC. I have witnessed service dogs from CC becoming agressive when they approach my PSD. The SD are not handled well by the veteran, because the dogs are not adjusted to the public. This is not only dangerous for the animals but for the veterans as well which need their SD for whatever their disability. Does anyone know of Canine Coaches and their practices? I keep my PSD, working and training at the same time, reinforcing a new task being brought to his good nature and attention. I would like every veteran to have the same experience. A working PSD should have reinforcement to do what he knows and is learning. Treats/rewards are his or her favorite, but too the love you show as a reward, a PSD responds to love as well, not yelling as I've seen w/ the vets only confuses and is not good to the animal.

Concerned Veteran with PSD

Asked by Member 1065269 on Oct 21st 2011 Tagged caninecoaches, training, servicedogs, aggressive in Service & Therapy Dogs
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Canine Coaches -

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