What happens to a pet after being placed in a shelter?

Ok I am sorry because these questions are for rabbit but I am askin them for a friend so please answer them to the best of your ability. If you do not know the answer for rabbit but just for dogs just say so!

What happens to a stray rabbit upon being placed in the shelter? If a animal is healthy is there any chance that he will immediately get but to sleep or do all healthy animals get a chance? Are they fixed right away or do they wait until the pet is adopted.

If a lost pet was taken to the animal shelter and the owners came to claim it a day latter would it have to get fixed or would the shelter refuse to fix it?

is there ANY chance the pet would be put to sleep immdeidiatly. within a day?

They found a lost rabbit and want to know what will happen to him if they take him to the shelter.

Thank you soooo much!

Asked by Sunny on Mar 10th 2010 in Adoption & Rescue
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It depends on the area you are in. Some areas, all animals are given a chance. In some, animals like rabits may be placed in a rescue group dedicated to that type of animal. I would suggest you contact the local animal control to see what their procedures are.

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my local kill shelter, davis county animal services, they have several rabbits and i believe they give them a week to get adopted, if they're healthy.

i think it would depend on where your friend lives and how packed their local shelter is, the economy is soooo bad in a ton of states and most animal shelters are packed, that they can't give the animals alot of time to get adopted.

good luck!! (o:

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It would depend on where you live and if it is a no-kill shelter. The SPCA where I live takes all animals & have an area dedicated to rabbits. They are kept isolated/kenneled for 1 week, then fixed and released into the "Rabbitat". The rabbits have access to an indoor area & a huge outdoor space to romp & nibble on natural vegetation. potential adopters can go in and interact with them before choosing which one they would like. If they do not get along with the group they are given their own smaller, indoor space with an hour a day in a private outdoor spot. Check with your local shelter to see what they do.

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I would suggest they call the shelter they are thinking of taking him to and ask what their policies are. It will vary depending on whether it is a no-kill shelter, how many animals they already have, what facilities they may have for rabbits, their policies for pets other than dogs or cats, etc. If it's a wild rabbit, they will probably return it to the wild, not rehome it.

Several of our local shelters only have facilities for dogs and cats. If they get any other animals, like rabbits, they send them to another (no-kill) shelter that has facilities for that type of animal, where they wait until they are adopted.

I don't know about rabbits, but I know for some other small animals, like rats, the shelters here don't always require a spay/neuter, if the new owner will be keeping them only in same-sex cages.

You might also call your local newspaper and AM radio stations - here they will do free lost/found ads that may help you find the owner.

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