What exactly is a "Micro Chip" that you put in dogs?

Asked by Riley on Apr 4th 2011 in I.D. Tags & Microchips
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It is a small chip that they put under the dogs skin in most cases. The chip has a number on it that you register with the company that sells them. If your dog is lost, most shelters now have the ability to check for a chip, and if there is one, they contact the manufacturing company to see who has registered that dog and you can be contacted to get your dog back

Kazba answered on 4/4/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


the site will give you detailed description of a micro chip your vet can talk to you about what they are and how they insert them under the skin.
I buy dogs with a tattoo because a microchip can be dug out of the animal if the animal is stolen intentionally. I have had a dog stolen intentionally and it was a pain, bc I had no microchip way back then and no tattoo. :(
And also our shelter dog she put on 20# and her micro chip has slipped far down her neck pass her shoulders. They could barely find it. so they are not 100%.
A tattoo could be tampered with but I have her registration papers and the tattoo is on there with ear description.
just giving extra info.

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Billie Bob

The micro chip is placed between the shoulder blades, and is picked up by a scanner that most vets and animal shelters have in their facilities. You register the number with AVID - or the maker of the chip. You also want to register the number with your veterinarian and animal shelter. Vets put them in, however, you can also purchase them online and put them in yourself. I have administered them to all of my show dogs myself. It is as easy as giving a vaccination. The needle is a bit larger, of course - but it is still a very simple procedure.

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Well, either way you decide to go, chips or tattoos, if someone really wants your dog, they will have it. They won't take it to a vet or anywhere that will read a chip or tattoo. This is a method for people who have found lost dogs and "really want" to reunite them with their family. If the dog was stolen in the first place, tattoos can be covered up or numbers changed, chips can be removed, as they are only about the size of a grain of salt! But mostly, they will avoid taking them any place where either one is seen!!! Getting a chip is a GREAT idea and has aided MANY dogs in finding their way back to their loved ones.

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