What dog is right for my family and me

Okay I am asking for a dog for christmas but my parents want me to resarch to find the perfect breed so im gonna tell you about my family and you can help me. My dad and stepmom wants it to be mine, i live in a 3 story 4 bed 3 bath hom we live on a hill, we have a big back yard with no fence. My step mom/ family dog is a black male lab, he is 6 and very lazy (98lbs) and he is shy with other dogs, when they come in he goes to his cage. He thinks he is human he eat some of our food, sleeps with my parents or near thier bed, he wines when he wants to go out, he is a picky eater, he sleeps all day, he is very obidient and knows how to shake hands and ive never heard a mean grow or bark. I just wanna smaller laid back cuddely dog, i was considering a maltese. we also live in nc incase you need to know the climate. Im 14 tooo I will excercise up to 1hr 30min and i dont mind shedding i want long hair, good w/ people and loves me lots like velcro and likes to cuddle and play some

Asked by Member 1140073 on Nov 10th 2012 in Choosing the Right Pet
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Layla Lu

Get a chihuahua!!! I have two, they're super sweet and love to cuddle! They don't require too much exercise and have a certain bond with only one person(me in my family). Our older chihuahua LOVES climbing under your covers and falling asleep. They always want to be on your lap and follow you everywhere. My profile picture is my chi puppy Layla. PS they're chihuahua mixes, were unsure the mix though, probably a min pin. So get a chi mix! They have less health issues and save you money on vet bills(which is good)! And they NEVER bark. Very obedient, very calm, very sweet and get along with our two labs(both weighing around 98 pounds each). Our full grown chi/mix is about 6 pounds and Layla,puppy, weighs 2ish pounds 1 and a half months old.

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Your maltese might be a really good choice for you. A maltese-poodle mix could also be great. Thanks for answering the questions. Maltese are smart, loyal, loving dogs, but have a bit of spunk & sass, too! They love to cuddle, and will likely be your very best friend. They can learn many tricks, and really want to please their people.
I still recommend looking at shelters and rescues, even if you prefer a puppy. There are thousands of pure bred & maltese mixes ready to go to a loving furever home.
The money you save by adopting can go towards some good training books. A really good one is "Training Your Dog Like a Pro" by Jean Donaldson. It has easy to read language, step by step instructions, pictures, training logs..and a dvd also!

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Maltese is best option I have two of them really good dogs thy dont need much exercise , dont shed, although they requiere alot of grooming every dog its a bath right?:) Maltese are super loyal and can last for up to 20 years (my dogs vet had a maltese that lived up to 21 yrs) mine is 16 and my younger maltese is 7 months old they both love to cuddle they are very easy to train and so much fun to be around they are also very social with other animal and people

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How about a Bichon Frise? They are small dogs that are laid back. They love to be with their people. They are hypoallergenic but still have a lot of hair. They need to be groomed frequently. They don't need a lot of exercise. They are velcro dogs. They love to play. They are usually great with people and are good with other animals.

Look into the Bichon Frise, this breed is a good match.

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I have a Volpino Italiano and a Basset Hound. The Basset is extremely cuddly, but he forgets that he is 50 lbs!!LOL He's pretty laid back, but can be stubborn and opinionated. He doesn't need a whole lot of exercise, but loves to have a few good romps outside when he can. An unfenced yard wouldn't be great:-( My Volpino is a fabulous dog!! He weighs under 20lbs, so he's not really small, but a good size to interact with a Lab(he used to have a lab buddy and they got along great). My nephew has a Maltese and I never cared for him as he was a barker, very finicky and snippy, but that is probably due to his training. My friend has a Mini Yorkie and I'd sneak her into my purse in a minute!!LOL She's a lovely little dog, but I'd honestly be afraid of a dog that small trying to play with a larger dog as well. I realize that any dogs can get a long, but those little guys are very fragile. Good luck!

Leo answered on 11/16/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I recommend looking into a long haired Chihuahua they are super sweet and are very good with other dogs. My chihuahua is the love of my life, I've never had a sweeter companion. You might also look into just getting a mutt, they have less health issues than pedigree dogs. Check out your local humane society im sure youll find one youll fall in love with and save a life.

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I'd suggest checking out the shelter and asking the people who work at the shelter about what dog they think would fit best into your family... I've personally done alot of volunteering and I know that the people over shelters can for sure help you to at least narrow it down a little. Some other things I'd consider are:

1. Are you looking for a dog who doesn't bark much?

2. Are you sure that YOU can provide food and care and everything else that a dog needs? It sounds to me that you are going to have to do that. Remember: Dogs can live for 14 years or LONGER!

I think that you should check out this website, it's really informative and MAY help you in your choice for a dog, I'd also suggest researching a lot about the breed of your choice. Here's the website: . Good luck in your search :D

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