What does your puppy do while you are at work?

My husband and I both work away from home and just brought our 8 week old puppy home to our APARTMENT (no less).
What is the best thing to do for her during the day until we get home?
Was this a bad idea?
Should I sell her on Craigslist!?
I love her-she's adorable and incredibly smart.
Just want to do the right thing for her.
Thanks for all your advice!

Asked by Member 1113360 on May 30th 2012 Tagged housebreaking, work, allday in Housebreaking
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Generally if you're not home much it's better to adopt an older very calm dog than get a puppy. How long are you both gone at work?
What breed is it?
Do you have anyone that lives nearby that could care for her while you're at work?
Where did you get the puppy? If it was from a breeder would they be willing to take her back and rehome her? Puppies really can't be left for long periods of time. It's hard on them and makes it almost impossible to potty train them and they can get in all sorts of trouble being bored and lonely.

Skarlet answered on 5/30/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

shuma and bruno

i can relate. i have 8 week old puppies also. i purposefully adapted 2 since i knew I would not be able to be with them so much due to work so they can play together. While I am at work I leave toys, water and a puppy pad out for them in their playpen. I will allow them to play in the play pen till they can build up the ability to hold their bladder for 8 hour in the crate.

shuma and bruno answered on 6/9/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer