What Does It Mean When My Dog Winks At Me?

Bailey always winks at me and I'm just curious as to what it means. I always wink back and sometimes her reactions are different. Sometimes she'll get excited or come over and lick me etc.
When she winks it's usually her left eye. Sometimes it's her right eye, or both (when it's both it's not a normal blink, she usually squezzes them shut then opens them again)
Does anyone have any ideas of what it means when a dog winks at you?

Asked by Bailey on Mar 23rd 2011 Tagged winking in Behavior & Training
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I've watched dog training shows and read online that its a calming technique. Dogs blink as a way to calm the other person (dog) they are looking at or to "say" that they are calm. I mean I guess that makes sense in respect to the whole idea that you shouldn't make eye contact with an aggressive animal and all that. hmmmmmm who knows! :) PS. Bailey is such a cutie.

Abbie answered on Mar 23rd.

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