What does an english bulldog/boxer mix look like?

Im looking into adopting one foster has no pics of him. Would love to see some pics. She has said he has a boxer face on a stocky body. Also she said he is 4 months and about 40 pounds.

Asked by Member 1019870 on Jan 19th 2011 Tagged englishbulldog, mix, adoption, boxer in Boxer
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You can Google the mix and pictures will come up of the breed. Here are pictures of the breed -


I've heard that a Valley Bulldog is a mix between a Boxer/English Bulldog mix.

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Because it is a mixed breed there is no set look that he will have. It will all depend on how the genes from each parent landed. Because of this, a photo of any other dog, even the same mix, will not necessarily look like the one you are adopting.

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