what do you think of this breeder ?

she should be banned from the AKC ! she is breeding AKC maltese with AKC yorkies and selling the pups with out papers, for 2200 dollars !! why would ppl do this its bad enough there are alot of animals in the shelter who don't get homes ! this breeder is a registered BYB and i never knew there would be bad registered breeders they are suposed to be the role models in breeding dogs, cuz they breed to best the breed not hinder it ! i emailed the AKC and i reported her so hopefully they have this breeder in their records !

Asked by Bo on Aug 31st 2010 Tagged badbyb in Morkie
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She looks like a pomerainian (spelt worng.oops)...and an amersican eskimo dog.. like my dog snowflake

Member 1000320 answered on 8/31/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


The AKC does not REGISTER breeders, they only register dogs. If these puppies are not being registered with the AKC (and they can't be since they are not purebred), then the AKC will have no say in what they do, no matter if their parents are registered or not. A registration of a dog is no different than the registration of your car... you can register your car but that doesn't mean your car even works. All a dog registration means is that both it's parents are also registered within that specific breed, it doesn't mean the dog is breeding quality or show quality. If people are stupid enough to pay that much money for a mixed breed dog then I guess they are as much at fault for buying them as the seller is for breeding them!!! Almost all designer breeds have registered purebred parents... they just don't happen to be the same breed. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong other than the moral issues of breeding more mixed breeds when our shelters are full of them already.

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Yea AKC is not going to do much here. The worst thing is that people are paying this person that much money. And i am sure she gives them a big song and dance about it is a hybred dog or something also. I agree she should not be doing this . But until they get some kind of way to regulate breeders, this is going to happen. Oh and your Bo sure is a cute one.

Ty answered on 8/31/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I think that is bad. Unfortunely, the AKC won't care if she is not registering the dogs.
I would think however that you complain to your city or township, she has to have a license to run a kennel and the conditions of her kennels and property have to be spotless. This sounds like a byb, puppymiller or hoarder who produces mass amounts of mixed breeds to live , so she is suppose to also report this as her wages to the IRS, make sure you notify them also that she may be running a business with no license and is not reporting the income. The IRS, has a hotline for fraud. I give you a hand shake for speaking up and taking a stand againist puppymillers. thanks

Dieta answered on 9/1/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

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