What do you think about down time for dogs after a fight?

What's the opinion out there about what is going on inside a dog's mind and body days after a dog fight. I've heard from 2 or 3 different trainers that a dog is not to have any contact with another dog up to five days after a scuffle because the adrinaline is pumping inside of them for all that time and there's a high risk that the dog will strike out again. Other trainers I've talked to say that you should reintroduce a dog to another dog quickly.
My dog has been in a few scuffles in the past few months and I've taken the advise of using the 5 day waiting period. What's the opinion out there?
One thing that I find very frustrating about dog trainers is that each one has something completely different to say about how a dog should be trained. I've worked with 3 different trainers and not one of them has the same advise or approach. One told me to ignore my dog. One told me to use the harness and treats . One told me to use a pinch collar and lots of praise. Frustrating.

Asked by Member 768404 on Dec 29th 2008 in Behavior & Training
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That is frustrating to get all that differing advice.

I think the problem is that a lot of trainers get something in their heads that makes sense most of the time and sometimes they don't stop and take the individual dog or situation into consideration. Don't get me wrong; a good professional trainer can be a vital component to sucessful dog training. But, this one size fits all approach to dog training that has been so pervasive in the media lately is something I feel has a downside.

From what you say, it's hard to tell if this dog is someone your dog sees, under normal circumstances, quite often or just occassionally. If it's the latter, the five days seems reasonable to me. If the dog lives next door or is a dog that you guys see every day, a quick reintroduction is probably more suitable.

If your dog has been in scuffles with more that just this one dog, perhaps a behaviorist is a better option than a trainer.

Good luck.

Jack answered on 12/29/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Charlie Pete

I would agree with Jack...depends on the situation. On rare (thankfully!) occassions I get in a bit of an argument with my sister. My mum will separate us, but only long enough for us both to cool down (1/2 hr to 1 hr). When we are both fully relaxed she gets us quickly back into our routine. The longer apart, the harder it is to get us back together.

BTW Jack....that is just the darn cutest little scruffy face!!

Charlie Pete answered on 12/29/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer