What do I need from my doctor? Service dog.

I have severe panic attacks and anxiety. For the last year or so my dog has alerted to these before they get out of hand and allow me to take a step back and calm myself down, or remove myself from the situation. I talked to my doctor and he said he thought it was a good idea to start using my dog as a service dog. He did not write me a note or anything though? Is there some physical proof I need from him or is his word good enough?

Asked by Member 1130369 on Sep 11th 2012 Tagged servicedog, phyciatricservicedog, dog, anxiety, panicattacks in Laws & Legislation
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I am in the same boat as you both the doctor and my therapist recommended it because I am also Bi-polor...but no note and no ideas on were to look so I am on line alot looking...maybe we can help eachother look

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