What do I do when my dog eats an emery board/nail file? What should I feed him for a few days?

My 8 lb. dog ate about 1/2 of an emery board nail file. He definitely chewed on it b/c there are teeth impressions, but the leftover bits are also somewhat splintered so I'm worried about how he'll pass it. I know many people say just watch him and make sure it passes, but I would also like to know if I should continue to feed him his dry food and treats (e.g. Greenies) or should switch to wet dog food (or someone suggested bread).
I've decided for now to keep watching him to make sure he does not get sick, lethargic, have trouble with bowel movements, vomit, etc. because I would prefer he pass it naturally instead of with invasive medical help.

Asked by Member 981257 on May 30th 2012 Tagged emeryboard, nailfile, eating in Emergencies & First Aid
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