What could I expect from a Labrador/ Kelpie cross puppy of 6 months of age?

We are planning to get this puppy soon, and he will be neutered, and will be kept mainly indoors. We would like to know if this is a good situation for him and us. We do have an average sized yard, but he will be indoors much of the time, because we live in Wyoming, and it is now mid- winter.

Asked by Member 784143 on Dec 28th 2008 Tagged labkelpiecross, indoortraining, socialskills in Socialization
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In my opinion, this actually sounds like an ideal situation for a dog. Dogs like to be near their people, so it is great that you are planning on keeping your dog mainly indoors! Most likely, this dog will need lots and lots of exercise. It's a young dog, and both labs and kelpies are high energy dogs. Do you have the time to walk the dog for at least an hour a day? Have you looked into hiring a professional dog walker or maybe even a dog runner? An indoor life with access to a nice yard seems like an ideal dog life, but the dog will also need lots of exercise--even in the winter!

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