What causes a dogs body to go completely limp then stiff?

the other night i was watching tv and my dog was asleep on the floor beside the chair. Next thing you know she starts screaming like she's in pain. and when i went to go pick her up and check on her. he entire body was limp she wouldnt respond to me her head was tilted backwards. i honestly thought she was dying. i kept shaking her and calling her name but i wouldnt get anything. then her whole body curled into a c shape. and she wouldnt move, sit up or anything, i kept loving on her and calling her name then she finally came to and when she did she looked so dazed and confused. then she was completely fine after all that happened. My dad thinks it might of happened cause she has heart worms. but im not sure, please someone tell what this might be from.

Asked by Member 1081451 on Jan 2nd 2012 in Other Health & Wellness
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Bruno CGC

Sounds more like a seizure. It can be a reaction to certain chemicals, or she might have epilepsy. Seizures can take many different forms, not always the classic "fall on the floor writhing" you see in movies. Many owners of epileptic dogs opt not to medicate unless the seizures are very frequent, more than a couple a month as the meds used to control seizures have a lot of side effects. I would just keep an eye on her for unusual behaviors and signs of pain, and if this happens again, record how often it's happening.

And heartworms don't cause seizures, that I know of, but you should probably do something about that if you know she has them, because they really affect a dog's quality of life in a bad infestation.

Bruno CGC answered on 1/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12)

I agree that it sounds like a seizure. I would take her to the vet and have her checked out. At the very least, they can give you some advice on how to handle them when they happen. Also, the heart worms need to be treated. Good Luck!

Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12) answered on 1/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer