What can I do about carpet stains by Rottie has made.

Anyone have any suggestions for a affordable deep cleaner to clean the messes my Rottie has made on the carpet and what soap to use with it? We changed her food cause the other food gave her skin allergies but the new one gave her diarreah and she made a few messes at night. I wanna buy a deep cleaner for general cleaning but need one that will work on pet stains.

Asked by Xena on Jul 29th 2009 in Other Pet Products
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Try Nature's Miracle. I don't know how well it works on deep stains, but it's worth a try. Other than that, you might want to try Oxy Clean.
Next time you switch foods, if you didn't do it this time, next time swithc it slowly. Introduce the new food slowly into her old food. Could take a week or two to make the switch so she doesn't get diarrhea.

Member 768404 answered on 7/29/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

K-10 Von Canein

I've had great luck in the past using Hart's pet odor and stain remover. It has removed even tomato and fruit juice stains from the carpet, stains where the cat up-chucked, and stains from when our puppy made a diarhea mess the first day we got him. Most grocery stores carry this, and it works really good. It is also good for getting food stains out of kids clothing.

K-10 Von Canein answered on 8/8/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have 10 dogs (plus 4 fosters right now), so cleaning is a constant problem. I have a Bissell Spot Bot, and for concentrated cleaning that works wonders, especially if you use the OxyGen solution. When I have a fresh soiled area, I also spray it with Zero Odor (or "O"), which takes out any sign of an odor. I mix Zero Odor with about 2/3 "O" and about 1/3 Febreze. I think the Zero Odor has a slight smell, and the Febreze eliminates that. If the area is larger, the Spot Bot is not as good. For that I get out the full size Bissell Carpet Cleaner.

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I have found that Spot Shot works really well. It also works really well on old stains and blood too. Spot Shot is not for deep cleaning, it's for the occassional spot.

Emmy answered on 11/29/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I find that Oxy clean enymes or dry hydrogen peroxide powders like oxy clean brand works great. Soak the carpet with oxy clean powder and cold water. Soak the spot for several days. Put a rag over it so you don't step on it too much. Re add more oxy clean and cold water daily for 4 to 5 days, eventually the enzymes will consume the stain, poop and or urine smell. It takes time but its the only thing that has worked. After 5 days, let it air dry, may take a few days. There will be a white residual powder from the oxy clean, just vacumn that up and I find I can smell the carpet and it smells completely clean.

This works great also on old or new cat urine too. Totally gets rid of the amonia cat urine smell by the enzymes eating up the urine solids, it just takes several days for it to work.

Hope this helps. I have been thrilled with the results.

Big tip. Get hard floors for your home and bedrooms then no need for this extra work, as hard floors wipe clean.

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I've spent years cleaning up after the doggie runs, and I can seriously say that the VERY BEST cleaner for this purpose is Get Serious, available online at www.getseriousproducts.com ~ it removes even set-in stains and odors, thoroughly extracting the smelly "pheromone," and is great for erasing all trace of diarrhea as well as vomit, urine, and any malodorous spot Spot can hurl at the carpet (or upholstery, or ...) Try it and see >^..^<

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