what brand of clippers would you recommend for poodle grooming??

Asked by Member 565851 on Feb 19th 2008 Tagged poodlegrooming in Products & Tools
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Here is some websites you can look at they have several types of clippers I would suggest maybe reading on them I personaly like the whal and oyster brands.
another good site for alot of differant poodle information is

Woogie answered on Feb 19th.

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As a Professional groomer for over 25 years I have used several types of clippers and blades. The best I have come across with low maintance is the Andis clipper with the Oster blades. I use the Oster blades because they hold their sharpness longer and I have less issues of them getting jammed up. The Andis clipper only requires the change of the rocker arm every now and then but if you ae only doing your dog every other months then you should not need to change that but once a year. Good luck and have fun!
Oh one thing that people do that gromm their own dog is take them to a Pro groomer and then follow their lines.

Pedro answered on 2/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer