What are the steps I need to take to potty train my 2year old adopted toy Pomeranian?

I really don't want him peeing and soiling my carpets because I have a baby crawling around everywhere! So I want to figure out the steps for training this 2year old doggy right when he comes home! :) the family I am adopting him from says he only has accidents once in a while. PLEASE HELP:)

Asked by Member 1069926 on Nov 10th 2011 in House Soiling
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Jake Earned his wings 10.02.15

crate train the dog. that's your best bet. My boy came home (adopted) already potty trained but even then he still has his slip ups. So investing in a crate and training him to properly use it elevates the worry of accidents.

+ since you will be having children in the home a crate will give your dog somewhere to go that is safe and away from the family if that is what the dog chooses. My boy loves his crate though i call it his 'cave'.

Jake Earned his wings 10.02.15 answered on 11/10/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer