What are the pros and cons of canine vasectomy vs. the pros and cons of neuter?

I have done some extensive online research regarding canine vasectomy, however I have not found any clear answers to my question.

Asked by Posi on Apr 11th 2009 in Health & Wellness
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Hi Posi. I haven't visited your profile yet, but I think you are asking this question because you are trying to decide which is the best choice--neutering a male or spaying a female. You have done research on this already so I may be repeating what you have already read.

Neutering male dogs can calm aggression. Neutering also leaves no chance of prostate cancer...atleast that's what a vet told me; I'm not a veterinarian. The benefits to spaying is that the female dog will not have a "period", she will not bleed. I don't know the extent to how this effects the health of the female dog in the long run. In both sexes, of course, no puppies will be produced. I would like to add that as surgeries go, in general it is an "easier" process to neuter a male rather than spay a female simply due to location on the physical body.

I've always had all of my dogs "fixed", regardless of sex. Do you dogsit un-altered dogs that may mate with your dogs? That's another thing to consider.

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In Loving Memory of BOOMER

I agree with the first dog.

However, if asthetics is an issue...as in If you want your dog to still look like he's got testicles (I'm wondering if this is the reason you researched vasectomy), you can ask your vet about Neuticles- a "boob job" for the testicles if you will. It's cosmetic, but I know a few wives who have gone this route when their husbands said NO NO NO to neutering. They get the all the benefits from the Neuter, the dog still looks like he's got a pair and the husband has no idea. Marrage saved...i guess lol.

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I don't know how reliable the vasectomy is, I guess it would depend on the vet and if the procedure really works 100%. I have no problem neutering an adult male, there was only one day down time. And my vet leaves his skin around the sacs there as in the second poster. The dog I don't know because he couldn't tell me. But, he never licked down there or had any bad effects of leaving just the outer skin on. So, a vet who knows how to neuter and leaves also the skin on is going to work. All my vets have been doing this for long time, if you feel uncomfortable with your vet, then find one you are comfortable with. I drive 30 min. to the vet, while I have vets that are 10 min away. But, I prefer to go to mine because they have never gave me a reason to doubt them. I have at least 10 vets in that closeness to me, but keep going to the one I know and trust.

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I have read about the differences in vasectomy and neutering. They both will make your dog sterile. The vasectomy is less painful and an easier procedure. The dog with a vasectomy will still act like a normal male dog. The testosterone and all it's effects are still there. Peeing everywhere, chasing females in heat etc. Neutering will make your dog a little more calm.
Some people may prefer vasectomy over neutering for reasons such as competing in certain events.
So the pros and cons depend on what you are doing with your dog.

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Ideally with a dog being neutered, you want the testosterone levels to be low when the dog reaches adolescence. Not all dogs have aggression issues when intact, but why risk it. Plus, having an intact male around other males could possibly spell trouble. One of the other posters brought up the idea of vasectomy being more for the asthetics of the dog. That's a bit silly. Who in the world cares if a dog has a set of testies? I mean, do you really think the other dogs at the dog park are going to point and laugh if the dog doesn't have "balls" dangling down? Come on, give me a break.
I'd recommend just getting the dog neutered and be done with it. 99% of male dogs are neutered and all goes well with the procedure. My dog was neutered kind of late and it was tougher on him because of his size and age. He's a big boy. But, I don't have to worry about anything. He doesn't even know he can mount another dog. Find a good vet and all will be fine.

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Vasectomy Pros: Some people find it less invasive and feel their dogs recover quicker from the surgery.

Vasectomy Cons: Leaving the testicles intact can lead to problems later in life, there is some emerging evidence that neutered dogs DO have a lesser incidence of cancer as older adults. Most vets are not experienced in the technique, so short of finding a specialist, complications run higher than typical nuetering.

Neutering Pros: Testosterone is not eliminated, but it cuts back on the production, leaving some dogs less aggressive or territorial, but this is NOT a guarantee. Dogs will still have marking and defensive behavior. Long terms health of dogs who have been neutered is statiscally better than those who are left intact, but some factors can be subjective.

Nuetering Cons: Complications such as infection or stitches being pulled out or hematomas under skin.

Personally, I would opt for a traditional neutering.

Hope that helps.

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I have a little Jackadoodle dog. I will get him a vascetomy as we have a female dog and we don't want her to have puppies. He is non-aggressive. The only 'problems' are that he wees up every lampost and sometimes 'mates' with his bed. The way I see it though, these are his natural behaviours and he is entitled to them. I think hormones are important for us all, for our health and feelings. How many of us would willingly give up our own sex organs and all that came with them? The way I see it why mutilate an animal is they are not being aggressive. If you can't cope with other male dog behaviours then don't get a male dog. I will never take away part of what makes my dog himself. Also, I read that there is alot that vets do not tell you about the health consequences of neutering and spaying. The argument that removing the testes or the ovaries/uterus of dogs prevents cancer of those organs is ridiculous. So why don't we all get our bits chopped off just in case?

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