What Are some Other Chew Toys/Bones My Dog Can Have?

Bailey absolutely loves ripping apart all her toys. Every single one of them, whether it's rope or material. I take them away real fast now that she's started eating what she rips. When she starts ripping I usually give her a white rawhide chew (she's completely supervised while eating) but I don't like giving them to her all the time. I don't really have any other bones, or tough toys.

What are some good rawhides or other bones? And does anyone have any tough toy suggestions for the dogs who LOVE to rip them?


Asked by Bailey on Jul 20th 2011 in Toys
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There's a lot of strong dog toys for dogs who are tough chewers and like to rip there toys to pieces. Here's a list of toys that would be good for Bailey -

Jolly Ball
Tuffie Toys
Busy Buddy
Planet Dog
Bad Cuz
Tirebiter Dog Toys

Bones -

Deer antlers
Merrick G.I. Bones
Merrick Commander Chew
Merrick Corporal Cap
Merrick General Panton
Merrick Lt. Hambone
Merrick The Captain
Merrick Sargent Saddle
Merrick The Tank Meaty

Here's the list of Merrick Bones -

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Be careful how many of those white rawhides you give her...white ones are usually chemically bleached as natural, untreated rawhide is not white, it is a natural, tan color.

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I amalso not a big fan of the rawhide, so you are doing the right thing by supervising them when you feed them. I have had real good luck with the nylabones. I had one that went through 4 puppies and was still going until i hit it with the mower by accident.

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