What Are Some Good Fruit/Veggies I Can Feed My Dog?

Lately I've been wanting to feed Bailey some fruits and veggies just as some treats and because I know it's healthy.

I already feed her baby carrots and apples (cut in half with the seeds removed), but I don't know what to feed her and what NOT to feed her.
What are some different ideas that dogs seem to like alot?

Asked by Bailey on Apr 1st 2011 in Treats
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Bruno CGC

The only veggie you should NOT feed your dog is onions, and the only fruit you should avoid is grapes. Anything else, give it a try! Melon, apple, plums, tomato, cucumber, squash, zuchinni, corn, peas, green beans, you name it. Avocados are often on "no lists" I see on the internet, but my understanding is that it is the seed and skin, not the flesh, that is poisonous. So it's okay too.

And keep in mind, dogs don't really digest raw fruits and veggies (They don't have the right teeth or digestive enzymes to process plant matter very well). If you want her to get any nutritional benefit, you need to cook and mash them first.

Another good, healthy treat for dogs that they CAN digest is cooked chicken. Just boil or microwave some boneless chicken, cut it into little bites and you have a AWESOME training treat!

Bruno CGC answered on Apr 1st.

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My dogs like fresh lettuce and cooked sweet potato. Do not feed dogs raisins or grapes, onions or garlic. If you search further online, you will see a whole list of toxic foods for dogs. Goodluck :)

kelly answered on 4/1/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer