What are some athletic medium size dog breeds?

I looking for a dog that can go jogging with me for roughly 3-4 miles everyday, be able to play fetch with a ball and frisbee for awhile, have enough energy to run around and play at the beach and is smart enough to learn a variety of tricks.

I was considering an Australian Cattle Dog since they were the perfect fit for my lifestyle and the perfect size but was talked out if even considering it since everyone scared the crap out of me saying that they would need about 10 times the exercise I have listed and are known for biting pretty much everyone. That really disappointed me as I really liked the breed too.

So are there any other breeds that would fit what I am looking fo and is no bigger than a Australian Cattle Dog (35-45 pounds)

Please help. I am in desperate need of a dog.

Asked by Member 1144973 on Dec 28th 2012 Tagged dogbreed, athletic, acd, australiancattledog in Breeds
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I don't agree that the ACD needs more exercise than you described..but they do tend to be stubborn, snarky dogs. It is part of their charm. lol
You can talk to your local breed club for more accurate info.
Other breeds I could see for you are an Australian Shepherd, an American Cocker..from a GOOD breeder, a Wheaton, a Border Collie, or a Springer Spaniel. Do not overlook poodles.
You could repost this in the main forums, in Choosing the Right Dog. You will get more responses & we can have a dialogue. In Answers we can only post once & you can not reply to our answers.
Good luck in your search.
Whatever breed you choose, please consider going through a breed specific rescue or a shelter. There are so many wonderful dogs looking for homes & a mixed breed could give you everything you desire.

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