Shasta Sue R.I.P

What are signs of a dog knowing its near the end of her time?

shasta seems to know that the end is near she wont go into her doghouse and it gets colder every night what more should i look for if a dog is near the end of its time so to speak shes almost completely blind and deaf also but she knows where her dog house is and how to get into it so whats wrong i understand that she might want to sleep on the ground but im worried about her last year she didnt go in her doghouse and i was snowing and freezing cold i dont know what else to do

Asked by Shasta Sue R.I.P on Oct 23rd 2010 in Senior Pet
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One thing is to do is Puttign her down, Best thing to do instead of making her suffer


lazy(Cant walk)
Eating (doesnt really want to eat)
bathroom(Doesnt feel like it)
Walking(Falls down whn walk/runing)
CAnt hear
feels like nothings in front of you

SOme of the Symptoms. I'm SORRY.. I dont want Shasta to die!.. I hope when she does that you dont cry, you know that she will be ok in a a better place

Also.. go to

And type in question, What are the Symptoms of when a dogs about to die.. tons of answers.. but no one trusts internet somethimes

answered on Oct 23rd.

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Faith (CGC)

Some dogs just pass quietly; others it is very obvious.
Something that may make her more comfortable though is if you could bring her inside. If you can brig her in the house part due to allergies or other reasons maybe you could set up a bed for her in the basement or garage so she can stay warm.

Since she is practically defenseless her time could be very soon if she was attacked by an animal.

I have been through this before and I am very sorry!

Faith (CGC) answered on 10/25/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer