what are other signs that my bichon frise is pregnant ??

my bichon frise's nipples have gotten a little bit bigger and her vaginal area too as well and i don't kow if it's just part of her being in heat or not. but we also have a male bichon frise too so i don't know if they had mated or if its just her being in heat.

Asked by Member 648762 on Jul 1st 2008 in Pregnancy
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The nipples do get big when they are in heat, unless I'm mistaken. Signs of pregnancy include a bigger belly (which comes along later) and bigger nipples (full of milk not long before the puppies arrive).
However, if her vagina is swollen it's most probably her heat cycle.
But, you might want to have the vet check just to be sure.
PLEASE keep her separated from your male dog until her heat cycle is fully complete. Typically, the heat cycle last for 3 weeks (the 2nd week generally being when the dog is able to be impregnated). Please keep your dogs strictly and completely away from each other until the female's heat cycle is done. That means they need to be several rooms away from each other and your female should wear a "doggie diaper"just incase they end up together.
Also, I hope that you will be spaying your female and neutering your male soon. Why? My website will explain that:

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If you have them running around together I can assure you he HAS tied with

Usually when they are pg their teats will remain swollen and pink after she has finished her heat. The vulva will also stay swollen for awhile after. One of my girls stays swollen for a couple weeks after..

Your vet will not be able to palpate puppies until she is in her 40th day or so. And by then you will be seeing her belly pretty swollen. They rarely start showing until about 2-3 weeks before whelping.

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