what are dangers of teeth cleaning in senior dog

my dog needs dental work done,, but he has so many
health issues I'm afraid he won't pull through it

Asked by moses on Nov 27th 2011 Tagged dental in Dental Care
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Bruno CGC

Talk to your vet about this- while anesthesia has risks, so do rotten teeth. You have to take the individual dog's health into question to decide if it's worth it.

Usually they will do some blood tests before putting him under to tell if his organs are healthy enough for it. Even if a dog has reduced liver/kidney whatever function, they can still anesthetize him safely- they just have to know what to watch out for.

So if you vet thinks they can do it safely, and is experienced with dental work, I would go for it. Bad teeth really reduce quality of life for dogs and you may find he's a different dog once you get that fixed.

Bruno CGC answered on Nov 27th.

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