west highland terrier and crating

We are looking to add a west highland white terrier to our family. We have found a great breeder and feel very comfortable with them. We are currently on a waiting list for a girl. I am concerned that she would need to stay in a crate. We have another dog, Harvey, that we like to leave out. We want to make sure that we find another dog that can be trusted to be left out without wrecking the house. Can the westie be trained to stay out of a crate without making a mess?

Also, do they tend to struggle with separation anxiety?

Asked by Member 1167535 on Apr 27th 2013 Tagged westiecratetraining in Breeds S-Z
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Separate both of the dogs with a baby gate (put one dog in one room and the other in another room) and put the puppy in one of those x-pens and lay down puppy pads when you are gone.

You need to house and crate train the dog and teach it its manner, puppies don't learn themselves. If you don't have time, don't get a puppy.

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