wee wee pads confused my dog, need help

I have a 2 yr 4 mth old English Bulldog who is crate trained however when he was a pup I layed out wee-wee pads for him whenever I felt I would be away for a long period of time. I believe this had an adverse affect on him, he now associates anything soft that's left on the floor as something he can pee on. I've purchased numerous dog beds and he wets them all, I can't have rugs on the floor or anything to that effect... As long as the floors are bare he's fine? How can I address this problem? Please Help! Thank you.

Asked by Member 1076003 on Dec 7th 2011 Tagged weeweepads, soiling in House Soiling
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This is exactly the reason that I think that pee pads are not something that should be used when potty training. Once you remove the pee pads, anything lying on the ground becomes something that your dog things is okay to pee on. You need to basically start from square one. Begin by taking your dog outside after he eats or drinks and encourage potty outside with treats. We always teach our dogs what 'go potty’ means. I put my dogs in the grass, or wherever you want them to go to the bathroom outside, and say ‘go potty.’ If the dog walks back toward you, say ‘no’ and place him back in the grass. Say ‘go potty’ again. Keep repeating this until your dog does go to the bathroom, and encourage him with ‘good boy’ (or whatever encouraging word or phrase your dog knows) followed by a treat after he’s finished. If it’s easier, you may also keep your dog on a leash when you are doing this so you can keep him where you want him to go potty. If your dog is uncomfortable going potty on a leash, try using a few leashes tied together, or a flexi leash so your dog feels like he’s able to wander on his own. You’ll need to encourage this behavior until he learns that peeing is not okay inside. Make sure you keep your floor clear of anything that could possibly seem to be a pee pad for him, and if you need to, keep him on a leash when he’s inside for awhile. This way, if he begins to wander around, you can catch him easily to bring him outside, and you’ll always know where he is going while he’s in the house. Please message me if you have any questions. Let me know how he does.

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