We have multiple cats and dogs. Is it neccesary for the dogs to have bordetalla, distemper, parvo or influenza shots?

We live out in the country. 2 of the dogs roam around (can't keep them contained in the backyard) 1 of them comes in the house for a little while most days. The other 3 stay in the house mostly, but go in the backyard to play when the weather is nice.

Asked by Member 1179796 on Jul 11th 2013 in Vaccinations
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Yes, your dogs still need their shots. Many diseases are carried by wildlife, birds, other animals, insects, and other ways. One very common wildlife species that is seen in every environment, that is susceptible to dog distemper and may live quite awhile, spreading distemper as it goes, is the raccoon. The cost of vaccine is minimal compared to the devastation these diseases can cause.

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