Very long flight with a small mexican hairless.. impossible?

I am thinking about moving from the US to Argentina and I want to take my 13 lb, 3 year-old mexican hairless with me. The shortest travel time I could manage is around 17 hours.
I really want her to be able to travel in the cabin with me, but I'm afraid she might be too big or too noisy. Has anyone ever had to do anything like this? Are there any kind of tranquillizers I can give her to make things easier for her? If I have here stowed underneath, can anyone check on her?

If the trip is really impossible, I'll have to either not move or give her to my parents. : [

Asked by Member 1132083 on Sep 23rd 2012 Tagged travel, safety, mexicanhairless in Air Travel
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Generally you can have your pet in the cabin with you if they are in a soft carrier and can be stowed under your seat. Typically they allow pets under 20 lbs.
I would not travel for 17 hours with a hairless animal in cargo. heck, any animal in cargo. A four hour cross country flight? Sure. A 17 hour trans-continental journey? Not so much.

Chase answered on 9/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer