Unbreakoball reviews?

I have a pitbull and a boxer, im going to buy them each an unbreakoball. Has anyone ever personally had one? what did you think of it? So far ive read GREAT reviews on it, plus they do a free replacement if the dog destroys it, but from the reviews and picture ive seen of dogs who have chewed on their for hours on end, i dont know if i see that happening. Please just answer if you or someone you know has personally had one. ive already looked up tons on reviews so i dont need anyone telling me they have good reviews, i already have see that for myself.

Asked by Tyson on Feb 6th 2013 Tagged petproducts, toys, unbreakoball, undestructibletoy, pitbull, boxer in Toys
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no answer for you, but thanks for mentioning them I looked them up & now I am curious too. Pricey for the Big Daddy..but if it lasts it would be worth it.
I've had success with the Jolly Egg, btw...it only has scratches, couple of tooth marks after 6 months of heavy use.

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