Traveling to UK with my dog?


I am planning to go to UK to visit my bf in Dec but only to learn that there is a 6 month thing that is require. I really need to be in UK asap. I am taking my dog with me but the whole process of relocating my dog to UK is overwhelming. I don't want to hire a Pet Relocating Company because it's too expensive. Do anyone have experience in this? Any tips that you think would help me make this trip smoother? Anyone would know what the process is like?? I had read sites telling me what to do to prepare for the travel with a pet to UK. I know some people would say why not leave the dog behind. This is because I am planning to move to UK for good after I return back from the visit and I feel it's best that I take my dog there and stay with my bf.

HELP!! Please someone who knows what to do, steps I need to take, plans, cost or any tips you can offer, I really would appreciate it!! I am located in NYC btw.

Pearly's mama confused

Asked by P.Y. on Sep 19th 2009 in Air Travel
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Connah Mara

I personally believe that going with a professional company to help in the international relocation of your pet is the best way. I know it is expensive but it could be very valuable for you to have an knowledgable advocate to go between you and UK customs.

There is no quick way around this so be sure of your move 215%. You will not be able to go up for a visit and just drop you pup off with your b/f. But you can go on and use this trip to start the customs clock

Connah Mara answered on 9/19/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I recommend that you leave your dog with friends or family for your trip to the UK. They have very strict and unavoidable quarantine laws for all dogs entering the country, and breed specific laws that ban some dogs entirely. Check before you make your plans! This should not be decided on a whim.

The UK requires a six-month quarantine and extensive documentation. The cost is astronomical (even without a service), and it's highly stressful for a dog. You will be allowed to visit your dog, but you will not be able to leave the premises with her. You will be held financially responsible for her upkeep (food, vet care) while she is quarantined.

However you decide to do it, DON'T do it twice. Either take her with you for your visit and leave her there in quarantine while you prepare to move, or take her when you're ready to move.

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Must Go with your Dog.

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You no longer have to put your dog into quarantine when entering the UK. Our rules here are strict as the UK is deemed rabies-free, but you can now get a Pet Passport for your dog, which means s/he can fly into the UK with you. I believe the US mainland is now a part of the scheme. My dog got his passport earlier this year and the process wasn't too complicated, although it does take six to seven months to complete. Firstly, the dog must have a microchip. The vet will check it by scanning it (or chip the dog if it doesn't have one). The dog then has a rabies shot, and you must wait 30 days and then return for a blood test to make sure the vaccine has worked. If not, the dog may need a second rabies shot (and then have to wait another 30 days for a second blood test), but usually one shot is enough. It is then 6 months from the date of the positive blood test before the dog can enter the UK and come and go as you please. It will need an annual rabies shot to avoid the passport expiring.

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