Transition to raw diet and food allergies?

I have become intensely interested into putting my dog on a raw diet after reading about so many of the benefits, however I am fairly certain that it is a more complicated transition as well as combination of feed than I've currently read. We have determined that my pooch is allergic to chicken. I've seen things about other dogs being allergic to chicken in kibble food, but not raw chicken and want to make sure it is okay to try it out, as well as what other meats and cuts she should have on a regular basis and how much of each. If there is a spreadsheet or informative page that I can be linked to I will definitely read it on my own. Any help and/or instructions are appreciated as I do not want to mess this up and want to ensure I keep my pooch healthy in the transition and not ruin her GI tract by a simple rookie mistake.

Asked by Kaeda on Feb 20th 2014 Tagged raw, rawdiet, rawfood, food in Food & Nutrition
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Pineapple Smushface

Before handling raw meat (there are starter packs available for rookies, but speak with your vet 1st), take a look at the new Ultra grain free and gluten free line of dry dog foods. There are fish, lamb and turkey varieties that you can try. In investigating the bag, I decided that my dog would eat better than I do if I fed this diet to her! ^_^

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Start Kaeda off on chicken meat and bone and see how she reacts to it. If she starts having itchy skin or persistent diarrhoea, use turkey instead. Do as much research as possible before switching her to raw food. there's a lot of great sources out there like rawlearning.com, rawfeddogs.org, rawfeddogs.net, rawfed.com and many great youtubers like Stunner4500,rawfeddawg and APBT Zoey. Hope I helped! P.S. she's so adorable:)

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