Training my dog on a leash?

We recently moved to a new house and my dog recently started marking every single place outside, and when she runs out of pee she makes herself poop to mark certain spots. I've recently started training her to walk properly on a leash to prevent her from marking every few steps we take. It's only been a day since I started training and she's already walking next to me instead of in front of me, which is a good thing. My only question is (i slightly wonder if this is a dumb question but I'll ask anyways) when is actually a good time to let her stray a little to sniff and pee/poop? I've heard of people giving their dogs commands so they know when to handle their business.

Asked by Member 1156648 on Feb 23rd 2013 Tagged training, peeing, leash in Leash Walking
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When I get to the area I want them to use I actually tell them to "Do your business." I keep repeating that until they do go, then I praise the heck out of them.
It works like a charm to also teach them that no matter where you are they are supposed to go when you tell them to. Great for when we are traveling!!
Good luck!

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