Training an adult dog to use a pee pad for emergencies?

I have a 4 year old French Bulldog. She is perfectly potty trained, but I recently moved (a few days ago) into a new apartment in a high rise building. Since the move, she's been unable to make it through the night without crying to go out and poop. This has never happened before, so I'm thinking the move has her a little stressed. The area I moved to is a little questionable late at night, so I'm really hesitant to take her out at 4 AM. I bought a tray and some training pads today - is there a way to teach her to go on those if she's got an emergency? I don't plan to have her use them unless it's a middle of the night situation, but I'm not sure if it's possible to train her to both use the pad AND ask to go out. Also, I take her out right before bed (around 10 or 11), so I don't think going out more frequently will help.

Asked by Member 1119138 on Jul 5th 2012 Tagged adult, peepad, training in Behavior & Training
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Dogs can hold their business in for 8 hours at least. My dog is strangely lazy and will keep napping through until the afternoon (which by then is 12 hours) until I MAKE him go haha.

You can try to feed your Frenchie earlier in the evening. Maybe 5PM instead of 8PM or whatnot. Most dogs will poop 1 hour after food intake if they are walked for a good long walk. If you just leave food out, take it away from him after a certain time. If he's hungry, he will learn to eat earlier.

If rescheduling food doesn't work. Take 4 potty pads (make sure they are LARGE) with you on your pottty walk. When your Frenchie pees, take the potty pads and try and soak up some of the pee on all 4 pads. Place them in front of your door at night.

It also doesn't hurt to give your dog a command to go potty. Whenever you take a potty walk, and you see she's about to pee, say "Go potty". When she's done, don't say good girl. She's going to mark several times, so do this all of those times.

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