Too Excited

Plenty of exercise, treats, toys, and love.

When i am sitting or laying on the floor. Hobbes comes in and get excited. She starts to bark and gently bite. i will get up and go to another room. once she has calmed down i will praise her and give her treats. the next time we try she is back to her old routine. The other problem is this is the same way she acts to go outside. i have tried to just have her bark and run to the backdoor. this becomes a problem because i don;t know if she is being goofy or has to go out.

The other is is that she follows me everywhere i go. If i sit on the couch, she has to. i put her on the floor and tell her no, but she jumps right up again. i'll get up and ignore her, but it's like the last five minutes never happened. if i go to take the garbage out she will wait by the door and whine till i get back in. she does not act like this when i put her in her crate before i go to work. it's only when she is out and i am around. how can i help separation anxiety

Asked by Hobbes on Apr 22nd 2009 in Separation Anxiety
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