Too busy for a husky?

I understand that Siberian huskies require lots of attention and exercise. How do you raise a happy, obedient Siberian despite having to work during the day? I would imagine that lots of husky owners have normal 9-5 jobs. Would a run before and after work (and maybe a third run after dinner) be enough? I would spend as much time with the dog as I could, but would being away at work all day (8 hours) cause a problem for the puppy? I would love to hear your experiences with this.


Asked by Member 875079 on Sep 13th 2009 Tagged siberian, husky, separationanxiety, training, crating, puppy in Siberian Husky
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Hi, my person works 5 days a week, if she didn’t she couldn’t afford to keep me. I have a playmate, Auda, a safe fenced area to stay in during the day I sleep by her bed every night, we hang together in the am and I have breakfast. I spend the day outside with my friend Auda and then come in when my person gets home for pets, a walk, and dinner.

My previous owner tried to keep me in an apartment and it didn’t work well. I think it would take a dedicated person to keep a husky or other big energetic dog in an apartment.

So, it depends on your situation. A lot of dog owners work full time, most of them couldn’t have dogs if they didn’t’. A safe yard, being close enough to come home and check on puppy or having someone who can check for you would make a difference.

If you don’t feel you have time for a puppy, consider an adult dog. There are a lot of good things that come with an adult and given a bit of time and good care, we will love you as much as any puppy you raised.

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May I add that huskies are really good escape artists so if you do get and then leave your husky outdoors make sure you have a very very secured fenced in area and make sure your husky is microchipped.

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I use to have a large malmute.
Even though I was active and had a full acre I found it difficult.
But, it can be done. I feel any breed has to have devotion , time and love from an owner.
So, maybe the breed was not for me.
He was just not adjusting to the last two owners and I think alot of it had to do with his experiences of going from one home to another.
I have had up to 4-5 dogs and work full time. But, I didn't work more than 8 hrs per day and sometimes there was other people home to let them out.
Also I would say have a large yard for this breed.
Yes, they are great ones to escape the fence. Mine would get out and be gone for days. They love to run. If it is a pup I would highly recommend coming home for lunch getting a person to come in as well in the afternoons, and let the pup outside for about 30 min as well.
But, a large yard and a very good fence will help as well.
Here is a link

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Well, Siberian huskys have a LOT of energy, so it depends if you have a lot of room. Personally, 2-3 runs per day is enough. But remember,
you have to have the love with it.

TIP: If you have a little spare time, grab a frisbe or a ball!! : )

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I already told someone else this same thing: get a virtual Husky here

This way you can see what it's like to own a Husky before getting a real one! It's really realistic and you can compete in sled races, meet other Husky fans, start a Kennel Club and breed to get more puppies, it's really fun!

It's a good way to start

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