Tobben may be stealing the higher ranks, and I don't know what to do about it.

In this house, we have three dogs. Tobben, a six months old Shih Tzu, who is mine, and two Britannies, who are my parents'; Ares, 7 years old, and Odin, 9 months old.
Lately, Ares has been behaving as if Tobben is the boss around here, trying to get his acceptance, and trying to play with him. Tobben keeps dismissing him, and when Odin walks up to play with Ares, as Tobben obviously doesn't want to, Ares gets angry with Odin, and yells at him until he leaves, only to keep giving his attention to Tobben.
It seems to me as if Tobben has been claiming, somehow, the higher ranks between the dogs, and is now the one telling the others what not to do. He has claimed his place as the prince that he looks like.

Now, my question is: Should I do something about this, or should I let them figure it out themselves, letting Tobben take Ares' place? They all have the same boundaries, purposely, to avoid anything like this, by the way, so I doubt that's the reason it got like this.

Asked by Tobben on Nov 26th 2011 in Socialization
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