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I rescued a 3yo husky/pit mix, 3mo ago - she was a stray- tracked old owners down long story short she lived outside on a patio most of her life (keep in mind I'm in Las Vegas it's a 120f in summer) anyhow- she's too mellow, she's excited for walks and when I come home, so I try n take her for walks but either she's outta shape or it's too hot (again it's 120 here), she doesn't fetch , she doesn't run (my kid has to pull her to get her tso do it) tried simple food puzzles( hiding food under a bowl or towel) no go, she does do tricks took 2weeks to learn sit, and shake well were still working on it, she seems very independent (husky a I know) doesn't like to cuddle, won't even sleep on my bed, took her to vet, she does have food allergies but that's it, (and that just started 2wks ago) I mean I love her but feel like we're not really bonding :( or she's bored?? I really do love this dog don't want to come off like I don't - never had an 'aloof' dog is all

Asked by Marley on Jun 20th 2014 in Adoption & Rescue
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Otis - Dachhund mix

hi, she's a Husky, in very hot weather, She's probably alarmed by all the attention and also sad and confused as to where her previous owners are, whether they were good or not. She's been kept on a patio constantly. She could be depressed and feeling uncomfortably hot all the time. If there's nothing wrong with her then it's probably good that she's placid, being crossed with a Pit. The fact that she gets excited when you take her for a walk and when you return home probably means that she's still feeling lonely and dejected when you are out. Try taking her for walks early in the morning and late afternoon when the big heat has calmed down and try to keep her cool throughout the day. Take her for rides in the car to cold places and don't expect too much jumping around from her as it's just too hot for that. Get the kids just to roll the ball to her and sit with her. She's obviously comfortable with you all, otherwise she may have snapped by now or just paced. She's confused and hot.

Otis - Dachhund mix answered on Jun 21st.

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Just bear with her at the moment. She must be shy and is wondering where her owners are. It would take time for her to adjust to her new environment and gain her trust but I hope it would be too soon. Glad she found someone with a good heart.

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