Time line for recovery after disk surgery?

My two year old Jack Russel Terrier Weenie dog mix had surgery to repair a ruptured disk. Today she will be five days post op. I know all dogs are different but I would love some sort of time line like she should be able to hold her self up when placed upward by this time, wagging tail by this time, walking some by this time ect ect. She will stand when the doctor puts her feet down for her, she wagged her tail yesterday, has good tone in both legs, and she responded quickly to the deep pain test in both legs. This is much much harder to deal with than I thought it would be and I know once she gets to come home it will be a long road to full recovery but I would love to hear from some people who have gone through this. Thanks!

Asked by Member 1150785 on Jan 19th 2013 Tagged disksurgery, recovery in Health & Wellness
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