Time frame to wait to introduce new puppy to new house?

My fiance and I are getting a Weimaraner puppy directly from a breeder possibly this summer. We just bought our house and the previous owner had 3 different dogs. I've heard that sometimes you should air out the house/clean/wait to bring a dog into a home that had other dogs. I've cleaned the best I can and do intend to air it out a bit when it gets nicer but is there a certain time frame to wait? It's only going to be March and we're thinking we would have the puppy around June/July.

Asked by Member 1157396 on Feb 28th 2013 Tagged health, puppy, cleaning in Other Health & Wellness
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No worries. If you had a puppy with parvo in the house, then you would want to wait a few months before bringing in another pup. But by June/July there would not be a risk if you cleaned with bleach once & keep it clean. If you know the previous owner had healthy dogs, then just a good cleaning with an enzyme based cleaner (to remove ALL traces of dog urine) is fine. Congrats on getting a new pup.

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